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Property Subdivisions

If you are looking for a law firm to assist you and guide you through the complicated process of a subdivision then we have plenty of experience to help guide you along the way. Whether you wish to carve off a section from your backyard, or subdivide your farmland or build an apartment complex, Crosby Law can assist you with this process.


Subdivisions can be complicated and you need a lawyer who knows what they are doing to help you navigate your way through the process.

How we will help:

  • Reviewing titles – this is an important process to determine whether there may be impediments to subdividing;
  • Working with your surveyor in terms of viewing the plan and discussions regarding subdivision;
  • Reviewing resource consents to establish what legal documentation is required, for example vesting of roads or reserves, consent notices, easements or covenants;
  • Working with your town planner;
  • Preparing documentation in order with Land Title Plan – for example preparing orders for title, easements, land covenants;
  • Obtaining your bank’s consent to subdivision;
  • Lodging for titles.

If you have any questions about the laws and processes around subdivision in the Auckland, Pukekohe or Waiuku feel free to get in touch and ask a lawyer at Crosby Law.

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